Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome to The Standard Review

Welcome to The Standard Review.

The standard response to autism is a demand for compliance. There are many traditional ways that punishment for that which is ranked as less valuable than neurotypical behavior is considered justified. The common perceptions, the treatment from professionals, and the cultural expectations need to be reviewed and challenged.

The charitable organizations have encouraged the worst approach to a growing number of diagnosis. A few people have provided political opposition, including what passes for community.
I believe a community is functioning optimally when it encourages the most people to participate. The political arena will never encourage this. Therefore, the convenient presumptions of who autistics are and what they want and need is completely inaccurate.

There is much written about how individuals can and should overcome the way they are substandard and achieve that which is considered valid and worthy of praise. It's very convenient to blame those whose experience is not recognized as valuable. What would best serve that which passes for a community is a common acceptance that real diversity would include understanding people will participate in many different ways rather than on many different levels. This is what I want to promote.

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